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Lisa Payne HeadshotMeet Lisa Payne

Describe an average day in your life.
A typical day for me is waking up around 5 a.m. I have to eat breakfast, just a little something to get me going. I’ll have one or two clients, and then I’ll go work out. Depending on the day, I may have two or three more clients, or I’ll go to yoga. I usually have between 2 and 4 p.m. to do paperwork, write or do social media. I’ll take on more clients from 4:30 to 7:30, and after that, I try to come home and relax a bit or hangout with the people I care about. I always try to get in bed by 9 p.m. I’m definitely one of those people that need 8 or 9 hours of sleep.

How do you motivate your clients?
In dealing with my clients as a personal trainer, I try to get to their heartstrings. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes it takes a few weeks, and sometimes it takes a year to find out why they’re really here. Why are we working together? Is it self-confidence? It’s usually not just weight-loss; there’s usually a reason why that person has come to me for help. Everyone has a reason why they want to better their health. I try to motivate women by telling them there is a way. It’s not just intake/outtake, or an A and a B. There’s always a way for everyone individually. Every workout plan is unique because every person is unique. Our emotional attachment to food, our personal relationships, our workouts are all different, so I try to find what’s right for that person so they feel comfortable and want to keep doing whatever it is that brought them to me.

How do you stay so positive?
We all have ruts. My biggest thing is that I have to work out; I do yoga almost every single day. I usually take one day off a week where I don’t do yoga or workout, but I do keep moving. I have to have that in my day, and the people in my life know that. I just make sure everything is balanced. If I want to go out and enjoy a few glasses of wine, I do. If I’m having a bad day, I try to find out what I need in that moment. Do I need to work out? Do I need my therapist? Do I need to be alone? Every day is different, but I try to make sure I’m always searching for those opportunities to get myself out of the funk or learn why I’m in it and work through it.

What advice do you have for women?
Never give up. I find that women often self-sabotage and get in their own way. They get in their own head; they overthink. I’m a huge over-thinker, but I just start small. Notice the actions; it’s more about show and not tell. Life is all about showing up and trying things, not just sitting at home and waiting for life to happen. So many people say, “I’m waiting,” but you’re going to be waiting your whole life. You have to be an active participant in your own life. Do things that scare you. Reach out to people you don’t know. Investigate your own life. If you’re not fearful of things, you’re really not moving forward. I had a fear of flying for a while, but after my grandpa died, something inside me clicked, and I told myself I didn’t want to be scared anymore. So I worked at it with my therapist for six weeks. In that first flight I took in over four years, I remember sitting there thinking, “I am scared, but this is what living is all about.” If you’re always doing the same thing every day, you’re not really utilizing all that life has to offer.

What’s your favorite pair of shoes?
My worn out, slip-on converse shoes. They’re easy, they’re dirty, and they go with everything. They kind of keep me grounded. They’re not my work shoes. They’re not for going out. They’re just who I am - a little girly and a little tomboy.

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