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Self-Exploration And The Value Of Being Single

Don’t let finding your other half consume you. Use the time you spend with yourself to better understand what makes you happy, healthy and fulfilled; give yourself a chance.

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Becoming Coach Terry

This belated tribute to an inspiring woman who reached out to a young woman when she needed it most – and how that same downtrodden teen came to be the Coach Terry her own students need every day.

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Fighting Back Against The Resolution Slump

As we enter the third month since making New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to reflect and check in on our progress. Whether it’s time for a goal-swap or you’re fighting the slump, take stock of your expectations and push forward!

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Be Your Own Defender

Fight back against potential attackers by planning ahead. Self-defense and martial arts classes are fun, healthy ways to prepare yourself to be your own defender in a threatening situation.

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Let Our Girls Shine

The little girls in our lives – and in ourselves – deserve to feel beautiful, unique and powerful every day. PBS offers helpful ideas for parents who want to help their daughters grow up confident and fulfilled.

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January’s Featured All-Women Competition: From Title IX To One Tough Run

Women from all over the world have been inspired to race, play, swim, jump or climb in the footsteps of great female athletes. Get the history on the women’s athletic movement and a sneak peek at January’s featured all-women running event.

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Identifying Addiction And The Path To Wellness

Our society often associates addiction with substance abuse, but that idea may be misguided the way we think about our own behavior. Stop and consider the habits in your life.

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Change Your Language, Change Your Life

Choose words that reflect a positive attitude and promote a happier environment. An app called Happify used research to support why making the simplest changes in our daily language can make all the difference.

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Forget Your Fears, Chase Your Goals

Striving for perfection may be keeping you from achieving your goals. Leave the fear of failure behind and give yourself a chance to be vulnerable outside of your comfort zone.

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How To Make Your Fitness Resolutions Last Past February

Build a strong foundation for your 2016 goals! Our latest contributor, Sarah Davis, offers these helpful tips to guide your new year to success.

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