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Calling All Bloggers: 5 Reasons You Should Join Our Squad

If you’re an experienced writer, consider joining the IHSF blog squad today!

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IHSF Relationship Handbook: 3 Myths About Fighting With Your Partner

Couples fight – that’s just a fact of life. Avoid these common myths and learn to do what’s best for you and your partner.

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Women Helping Women

Women seeking to help other women shouldn’t feel confined to the workplace. There is a plethora of opportunities out there – and you only have to look as far as your own life.

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Becoming Coach Terry

This belated tribute to an inspiring woman who reached out to a young woman when she needed it most – and how that same downtrodden teen came to be the Coach Terry her own students need every day.

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International Women’s Day: In Honor Of My Mini-Me

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day all week! Today, blogger Sophia Lee honors a special someone who inspires pride in her every day.

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Fighting Back Against The Resolution Slump

As we enter the third month since making New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to reflect and check in on our progress. Whether it’s time for a goal-swap or you’re fighting the slump, take stock of your expectations and push forward!

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International Women’s Day: Celebrate The Women In Our Lives

It’s International Women’s Day, ladies! Celebrate the powerful women making strides for the world – but don’t forget the women in your own lives who help you be your best every day.

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Setting Yourself Up For Success At The Gym

Getting into the right mindset and setting more mindful goals are key to success. Follow these easy tips and watch your strength shine.

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Asked & Answered

All is fair in love and war – except maybe when your partner crosses a line. Get advice on how to approach politics in your relationship during this heated election cycle.

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A Life-Changing Secret To Better Relationships

You won’t get this super secret just by reading this teaser! Click the headline to learn what it takes to cultivate happy, healthy relationships.

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