Fighting Back Against The Resolution Slump

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After getting off the phone with my dad in Scranton, Pa., I realize I have been blissfully unaware of the many parts of the country experiencing snow and extremely low temperatures this winter - winter seems never-ending, which means many of us may be hitting that New Year’s slump.

With the close of 2015, I wrote a post on how to keep a New Years resolutions past February, and for all of you In Her Shoes Foundation readers, I am here to re-ignite the fire!

It’s easy to feel inspired around the holidays; it’s a magical time filled with an air of expectation. But once the New Year kicks in, we get sucked back into the mundane routine of life: hitting our alarms, schlepping our kids off to school, grocery shopping, our bi-weekly yoga class, and on and on. And what happens to our goals? They get lost in mountains of dull somewhere along the way.

Pull 'Em Out

When you made your New Year’s resolution, I pray you attached a visual to them. I recommended a vision board, but writing them down or typing them up would suffice. Pull those reso’s out and re-read them! It’s amazing how a simple reach into the not-so-distant past can remind us of how passionate and excited we were to lose those 10 pounds, be more social or volunteer more.

Rate Your Goals

After reviewing your resolution, rate your progress. Yes, I’m going to go all counselor-y on you because, well, that’s my job. On a scale of one to 10 - 10 being your resolution has been achieved - where do you fall? A four? Great! What has helped you get to a four? Keep doing that. What stood in the way from achieving a five? Write it down on a sticky, and for the next month, work on overcoming one of those barriers. The point is for you to move up at least one more point over the next four to six weeks.

Accountability Is Key

Was anyone present when you wrote these resolutions? Does anyone even know you have resolutions? Accountability is key! Tell a BFF, sister or other close friend or colleague about the goals you have for yourself the rest of this spring season. Allow that person to keep you accountable for your actions. It is way easier to make progress when someone else knows where you are headed.

Goals Change

Maybe you pulled out your journal, flipped back to December and were dumbfounded at the plans you set for yourself. Maybe you set a goal to accomplish at work and were just recently let go or promoted to a new position. Goals change! Take time right now to tweak, fix or swap your goal if you want to. But have confidence! If your goals are easily achievable, you’re probably not setting them correctly. Goals should be difficult to attain - they require extensive work on your part and a passion and drive to see them through until they are accomplished.

Just remember that you wrote that resolution for a reason. Use March to re-ignite your 2016, and get back to working towards what you know you are capable of achieving.

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