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andrea metcalf in her shoesMeet Andrea Metcalf

Describe an average day in your life.
I wake up at 5 a.m. most mornings, teach class at 6 a.m. - yoga, Pilates, bootcamp, etc. - and then head back home to shower and start my other work day.  Most days are different.  Currently, I am prepping to launch a new business, plus I’m running the marketing and strategy for Flirty Girl Fitness U.S., and I’m the health editor for Womensforum.com.  I have multiple streams of income and lots of emails! I try to eat consciously and meditate in the morning for a few minutes.  I am lucky to have three amazing children, my mom and close friends that I try to check in with daily as well as cross things off the lists I’m making.

Why do you support the In Her Shoes Foundation? What do you like about the organization?
It helps inspire - I hope - others to try. I also know there are setbacks for everyone, but it’s important to just pick yourself up and move forward or onto the next thing.

Do you have any words of advice or a positive quote for fellow In Her Shoes Foundation women?
Believe! Believe in yourself! You are amazing! Live it.

What’s your favorite pair of shoes?
The ones that I’m standing in when I open the door of my new business.

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