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Karen Adler

Meet Karen Adler

Describe an average day in your life.
I have to exercise first. I really try to take care of myself, try to be balanced and healthy. I have kids, so I try to get them off to school, then I’ll go to work and see clients. I’ll see all kinds of people throughout the day and sometimes I’ll break away and run an errand. I also like to study a spiritual practice called Kabbalah. It’s an ancient tradition about universal wisdom. It teaches about the laws of the universe. I’m deeply entrenched in that. I take classes for that, and I’m also a study group leader. Then, I leave work and take care of my home. I try to get enough sleep and find time to do the things that require you to sit still. It’s hard for me, but you’re supposed to do things that challenge yourself. It’s a law of the universe for everybody.

Why do you support the In Her Shoes Foundation? What do you like about the organization?
I like the group because it’s about empowering women. I like the women, and I like the energy. I like the openness to all the different kinds of speakers. Kasia is a powerhouse. She’s so positive. She really cares, and I think that can, a lot of times, be representative of the whole place. She has this energy, and I enjoy being around that.

Where and how do you find strength to stay positive?
I don’t think about things from the aspect of “Why are these things happening to me?” but rather “I am the creator. I am empowered. I have a say. I have control." I don’t have control over things that happen, but I do have control over how I react to it. All day I’m constantly checking myself on how I react. Over little things, I can either blow my stack, or I can say, “Okay, this is what happened. I got it. Move on." It’s not that I don’t have my moments, but I can go back and say, “That’s not who I want to be.” I take responsibility for my part. Just pause. Because when you pause, the universe does what it’s supposed to do. There’s this bigger force out there, and we have to let it do its thing which is to help us. Stop and let the light in.

Do you have any words of advice or a positive quote for fellow In Her Shoes Foundation women?
Try not to be a victim of life. I think that was a game-changer for me. When I saw life happening for me, not to me, that was my game-changer. That’s what I tell everyone who comes in my path, and I tell my clients that. Life is there for you, to help you become your greatest self. If you can do that, then you’ve got it. You’re going to make the impact on the world that you’re meant to. If you stop playing the victim, you stop burying yourself in bad stuff and stop saying, “Why me?” all the time. Look at each situation individually and see what the gain is for you - extract the light out of the situation. Extract the lesson.

What’s your favorite pair of shoes?
My gym shoes. I can get around faster that way, get things done.

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