Women’s Professional Development Workshops

IHSF Monthly Workshops


The Women's Professional Development Workshop initiative brings women of all ages, backgrounds and ideologies together to inspire positive personal and professional growth. Join our career experts as they explore topics relevant to all women in the workforce. These subjects cover leadership, work-life balance, management, and lifestyle. Walk away with the strength and skills to thrive in a demanding environment.

Sessions are hosted by Adler University. Check back here as we add 2017 dates.

Non-Members $25 / Students with Valid ID $10 / Members Free

Interested in speaking to our group? Send us an email here to request more information.


  • Career Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Communication and Negotiation
  • Financial Tips
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Leadership Styles
  • Work-life Balance
  • Time Management
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Power of Influence
  • Overcoming Setbacks


5:30-5:50 PM  - Registration & Check-in
5:50-6:00 PM  - Welcome & Introduction
6:00-6:35 PM  - Presentation by Featured Speaker
6:35-6:55 PM  - Q&A / Group Discussion
6:55-7:00 PM  - Closing Remarks




  • Alecia Wartowski: "Being A Powerful Negotiator: How To Know What You Want And Get What You Deserve" (8.21.17)
  • Michael Bargerhuff: "Disrupting The Gender Divide In The Workplace" (4.17.17)



  • Corielle Heath Laaspere: "Women's Power, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership" (8.15.16)
  • Kathy Austin: "Facing Setbacks: Accepting, Adjusting, and Moving On" (7.18.16)
  • Erin Dubich: "How To Live & Eat For Radiance" (6.20.16)
  • Katherine Toll: "Conflict Resolution" (5.16.16)
  • Donna Heidkamp: "Parenting and Work-life Balance" (4.18.16)
  • Larvetta Loftin: "Communication and Negotiation" (3.21.16)
  • Donna Smith-Bellinger: "Career Professional Development" (2.15.16)
  • Gia Clarie Kubik: "Personal Leadership. Building Trust, Credibility, and Respect" (1.18.16)



  • Lisa Payne: "Fitness Living--Expert Tips" (12.21.15)
  • Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins: "Advocacy and Amending the Illinois Constitution" (11.16.15)
  • Dr. Kris Sargent: "Food: Friend or Foe?" (10.19.15)
  • Illinois State's Attorney Anita Alvarez: "Picking What to Fight For" (9.21.15)
  • Hon. Michele F. Lowrance (Ret.) "Divorce and Break-Up" (7.20.15)
  • Betsy Ehlen: "Representing Victims of Domestic Violence." (6.15.15)
  • Sarah Vargo: "Mirror Mirror on the Wall: How to Fall in Love with You." (5.18.15) 
  • Shari Duffy: "Mom+Career Woman+Friends+Family+Personal time..." (04.20.15)
  • LeeAnn Webster: "3 Simple Secrets to Building the Business (and Life) You Love" (03.16.15)
  • Julia Kline: "Sleaze-Free Selling for Everybody: How to Spread the Word About Your Passions, Missions, and Great Work...Without Being Pushy, Obnoxious or Rude" (02.16.15)
  • Sally Lou Loveman: "Your Clipboard: Identifying what brings you the most joy and and using it to design the career you love" (01.19.15)


  • Dr. LaShonda B. Fuller: "In Search for Love and Freedom: What I Lost Along My Way" (12.15.14)
  • Dorothy Falkiewicz: "Happiness is ?: Learning How to Embrace Life's Challenges" (11.17.14)
  • Julie M. Holloway: "The Entrepreneur Within You" (10.20.14)
  • Hope Bertram: "Get Savvy: 10 Tools for Social Media" (09.15.14)
  • Larvetta L. Loftin: "The Power of Branding: What Does Your Business Card Say About You Behind Your Back?" (08.18.14)
  • Lorii Abela: "Sexy & Single: One Woman's Guide to Building Stronger Relationships" (07.21.14)
  • Kelly Standing: "Get Help!"... One Patient's Cure to STANDING in Your Own Way (06.12.14)
  • Beth Burns: "Women and Money: Investing Fundamentals 101" (05.19.14)
  • Karen Adler: "A Woman's Journey of Self-Acceptance & Discovery" (04.21.14)
  • Jelena Virijevic: Break Through the Glass Ceiling: How to Stand Tall in a Man's World (03.17.14)
  • Kerry Thon: "Using Vision Boards to Create Action towards your Life Goals" (02.17.14)
  • Dr. Michele Kerulis: "Women and Wellness: Balancing the Dimensions of Wellness" (01.20.14)


  • Peggy Kinst: Fearless Women, The "Power" of Aging (12.16.13)
  • Sakira Jackson: Twenty Minutes Can Change Your Life (11.18.13)
  • Arlene Malinowski: It's Never Too Late to Become what you Might Have Been (10.21.13)
  • Andrea Metcalf: Building Your Brand (9.16.13)
  • Donna Smith Bellinger: Taking Chances to Change our Lives (8.19.13)
  • Jeanne Penton: Mindful Living: Learning to Tune into & Trust Your Internal GPS (7.15.13)
  • Lisa Lockwood: Reinventing YOU: An action plan for taking your life to a new direction (6.17.13)
  • Julia Yang: Love & Work: Challenges and Promises (5.29.13)
  • Tami Principe: Learning From Past Experiences (2.18.13)
  • Jessica Jakosalem: Showcasing your Social, Wellness & Working Woman Style (1.21.13