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In Her Shoes Foundation is excited to offer a new and unique mentor program called Ready Set Girls Academy. The goal of this program is to give young women the tools to become critical thinkers about the everyday expectations and pressures they encounter in today’s society. Students who participate in this program can expect to exit with greater confidence and the skills to reach for higher achievement. Ready Set Girls Academy is structured around four themes: leadership, healthy living, social skills and lifestyle. The curriculum is designed to provide participants with a safe and caring learning environment where they can learn the life skills that will allow them to excel in each of the four categories. The curriculum will be presented by women who have the education credentials and leadership experience to bring these concepts home to teenage girls.

Group Mentors present each of the themes and subtopics and will reflect the diversity represented in the composition of the young women participants. Each group mentor will share her expertise and life experience in a way that will introduce the young women to the struggles and triumphs of other women. Participants will have the opportunity to engage one another during each session in small groups, empowering them to learn more about themselves and their peers. The goal is to inspire, connect, educate and provide support for these future leaders of our communities.

IHSF Girl Rising

Curriculum Subject Matter:

The curriculum is adaptable to the host school schedule, participants, and expectations but will focus on the following four pillars:

  • Leadership
  • Healthy Living
  • Social Skills
  • Lifestyle

Each theme has 4 subtopics. The four subtopics include:


  • effective leadership
  • team building
  • problem solving
  • effective communication
    Healthy Living:

  • conscious eating
  • exercise
  • mindfulness
  • daily routine schedule
    Social Skills:

  • healthy relationships
  • anger management
  • conflict resolution
  • philanthropy
    Life Style:

  • life-school balance
  • time management
  • responsible choice-making
  • using technology constructively

In Her Shoes Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to empowering the everyday woman. If you are interested in becoming a mentor for this program, sponsoring Ready Set Girls Academy or have any other questions or comments, please fill out the contact form below.



Ready Set Girls Academy is designed to address the lack of confidence and lack of positive mentor-ship that impacts young women in underprivileged, under-served areas that oftentimes results in the need for crisis intervention.




Group Mentor for Ready Set Girls Academy

The purpose of IHSF (In Her Shoes Foundation) is to bring women of all ages and backgrounds together; to inspire, connect, educate and support the development and maintenance of a positive and healthy lifestyle. Through four main concepts – inspire, connect, educate, and support – women of In Her Shoes Foundation seek to provide a safe and collaborative environment for all women.

Reporting to: Program Manager – Ready Set Girls Academy Curriculum Team

Responsibilities Include:

  • To understand the difference between frontal teaching/lecturing and the role of a facilitator
  • To have some experience in small and large group dynamics (how to steer conversation, keep participants on task, without taking over)
  • To have some basic knowledge about the social, emotional, and physical development of teen girls (they go hand in hand, really)
  • To have the confidence and communication skills to engage constructively/compassionately/non-judgmentally with the teen's parents during the course of the program
  • To come with a sense of vision AND a sense of humor about the process of introducing this material and these skills
  • To really ENJOY and RESPECT this aged audience
  • To be able to commit to the sessions they will be presenting, with some advanced preparation and discussion with director. (Some sessions will be offered during the school day and others on Saturdays. Some availability during school hours is preferred but not mandatory.)
  • To have own transportation and willingness to travel to program location (the current sessions will be at Englewood High School and Baker Preparatory High School)
  • To be willing to participate in the follow-up evaluation process


A Master’s Degree in Education, Counseling, or Social Work is preferred, but not required. Some experience/knowledge in these areas or a relevant field is necessary. A willingness to obtain a background check is mandatory if facilitating in a classroom setting.

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