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#NotJustMean Video Reveals An Ugly Truth – And The Badass Women Who Fight Back

We all know trolls like the ones who target Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain are vile. But let’s not forget just how strong the women who endure their abuse are every day.

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Calling All Bloggers: 5 Reasons You Should Join Our Squad

If you’re an experienced writer, consider joining the IHSF blog squad today!

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Barbie Just Got Woke

Barbie is embracing curvy, tall and petite images of beauty with new body types now available. Our old friend is now woke, and it is everything!

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Asked & Answered

This week’s advice column features two questions that speak to persisting problems in the feminist arena. Blogger Katie Campbell gives a hard dose of reality and asks whether we aren’t perpetuating the ideas we set out to combat.

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Fear the Feminist

Despite fighting for universal equality, feminists have long been criticized, mocked and even portrayed as something to fear. We want to set the record straight.

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