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A Reminder To Be Present

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Even the IHSF bloggers have a tough time with their love lives now and then. Sophia Lee took a moment to reflect on a challenge she recently encountered and passes on an important lesson in this personal anecdote.

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Give Valentine’s Day A Break: 6 Tips To Get In The Spirit

For a day that’s all about love, Valentine’s Day sure gets a lot of hate! It’s time to cut this day some slack, starting with these six easy dos and don’ts.

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Reap The Benefits Of Vulnerability

Following advice from Dr. Brené Brown, IHSF offers nine easy acts of vulnerability you can practice in everyday life. The act itself may be simple, but the rewards can be vast and long-lasting.

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Looking Past Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures can be meaningful ways to show affection, but they shouldn’t define your relationship. Don’t let the idea of romance cover up the real problems between you and your partner.

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