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A Reminder To Be Present

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Even the IHSF bloggers have a tough time with their love lives now and then. Sophia Lee took a moment to reflect on a challenge she recently encountered and passes on an important lesson in this personal anecdote.

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Define Your Own Success

Too often do we allow society to dictate how we measure our own success. It’s time to ignore the noise and realize that the only person who knows what’s best for you is YOU!

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Asked & Answered

Switching up your career can often come with more questions than you expect. What’s going to happen to your relationship? Are you ready for this? And, perhaps the most important question of all, is it right for you?

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Hack Your Relationship With These Communication Tips

Communication is key – except when we use our words as weapons. Take a moment to think in a hot-headed moment, and lead your relationship down a path of mutual respect and compassion.

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IHSF Relationship Handbook: 3 Myths About Fighting With Your Partner

Couples fight – that’s just a fact of life. Avoid these common myths and learn to do what’s best for you and your partner.

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Asked & Answered

All is fair in love and war – except maybe when your partner crosses a line. Get advice on how to approach politics in your relationship during this heated election cycle.

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A Life-Changing Secret To Better Relationships

You won’t get this super secret just by reading this teaser! Click the headline to learn what it takes to cultivate happy, healthy relationships.

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IHSF Relationship Handbook: Dealing With Emotions

The IHSF Relationship Handbook is a guide we designed to offer bite-sized advice on how to approach common relationship dilemmas. In this installment, Sophia Lee breaks down the potential of calamity of negative emotions and gives us all an opportunity to practice self-healing.

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Give Valentine’s Day A Break: 6 Tips To Get In The Spirit

For a day that’s all about love, Valentine’s Day sure gets a lot of hate! It’s time to cut this day some slack, starting with these six easy dos and don’ts.

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Reap The Benefits Of Vulnerability

Following advice from Dr. Brené Brown, IHSF offers nine easy acts of vulnerability you can practice in everyday life. The act itself may be simple, but the rewards can be vast and long-lasting.

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