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Define Your Own Success

Too often do we allow society to dictate how we measure our own success. It’s time to ignore the noise and realize that the only person who knows what’s best for you is YOU!

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Women Helping Women

Women seeking to help other women shouldn’t feel confined to the workplace. There is a plethora of opportunities out there – and you only have to look as far as your own life.

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Setting Yourself Up For Success At The Gym

Getting into the right mindset and setting more mindful goals are key to success. Follow these easy tips and watch your strength shine.

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A Day In Her Shoes – Lisa Payne

Lisa Payne began teaching fitness classes and personal training while getting her MFA in writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Out of this seemingly serendipitous collaboration came a vibrant career and a passion for building strength and self-confidence in others.

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A Day In Her Shoes – Larvetta Loftin

Larvetta Loftin left her posh corporate job in 2000 to become the successful entrepreneur she is today. Loftin shared advice from Michael Jordan and her own secrets to staying fabulous when she sat down for an interview with our own Taylor Arnett.

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